We have been patiently waiting to bring back MITS to Eastern Michigan University and…sound the trumpets…we are back baby!!!! Team Mick is returning in full force to once again provide the most efficient and competitive indoor meets to the great families of Michigan! Ohio and Canada…you’re invited too!

Why Bowen? The historic Bowen Fieldhouse has played host to some of best indoor performances of both collegiate and high school track and field! Walk into the track and field area and you are instantly hit with nostalgia. You can almost feel legendary Coach Bob Parks supporting the likes of Earl Jones, Paul McMullen and so many others around the tight curves and over the roaring crowds that has made Bowen Field House legendary.

But it is only a 200m track? You bet it is! While the newer 300m tracks offer less turns over longer distances, bigger staging areas and are fancier than heck, the 200m indoor setup is still the ONLY indoor track that recognizes indoor records!!! Don’t believe me? Check out this article by Jeff Hollobaugh: 200m vs 300m Indoor Tracks

But you don’t use or milesplit for entries or live results? Nope. As much as we love the powerful capabilities of both of these sites, they don’t make it easy to register in Michigan for indoor events. We are so barbaric (hehehe) and it may feel like you are living in 2010…oh no!! Our system is simple, effective and designed to allow competitors and their families a streamlined experience that is more focused on competing than standing in lines.

What now? Follow the menu links for registration, meet info, parking, live results and to fill out a one-time waiver to compete at Bowen Field House!!

See you this winter!!